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The motto "To live life by right and not by cause" is the secret behind the paintings of the artist Adi Ben Porat.

Adi was born in 1987, has a bachelor's degree in law and in 2016 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Until then, Adi was happily married, had a promising legal career and everyone around predicted a successful future for her.

The daily difficulty in coping with the disease led her to divorce from her partner in the last 8 years.

Since Adi Ben-Porat studied art and painting in the past and during the rehabilitation process, Adi was exposed again to art, which served as a therapeutic tool for coping.

Adi’s a way to express filling, thoughts, emotions and insights on the daily day journeys is by painting.

The re-engagement with art lead her to a new path, in which she striving to help others finding peace and connection to the inner self through art.